On the 47th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s historic March on Washington, incendiary radio host Glenn Beck plans to lead the “Restoring Honor” rally at the same site where King gave the landmark “I Have a Dream” speech. Joining him will be Day Gardner, president of the National Black Pro-Life Union, which seeks to coordinate communication among all Black pro-life groups. “I wouldn’t miss for the world,” said Gardner in a statement.

“America is spiraling down into an abyss of debt, joblessness and economic turmoil. We are seeing…a great push to continue the brutal killing of unborn children–even as modern technology proves the humanity of the child.”

Gardner, who publicly slammed then-Sen. Barack Obama for his pro-abortion stance, said Americans have been encouraged to respect Muslims while “Christianity and the name of Jesus is scourged.”

Across town, the Rev. Al Sharpton and the National Action Network have planned “Reclaim the Dream,” a mass rally. In a statement posted on the National Action Network’s website, Sharpton said Beck and tea party members will attempt to “hijack the dream” while he and other Black civic leaders will shed light on issues that have diminished King’s vision.