Dihann Moore, a native Washingtonian, has entertained international audiences with her singing abilities. Now’s she back home in D.C. to enjoy the benefits of the new residents and educate other African Americans how to make it big away from home.

Chart-topping international singer and songwriter, Dihann Moore, a native Washingtonian, has spent the past 15 years abroad entertaining kings, sheikhs, heads of state, and adoring fans around the world. “Dihann’s voice is amazing! She is soulful, smooth, very seasoned and versatile. It was a pleasure as a producer to record her, as well as, watch her perform live. She is very gifted,” said Leif Carlquist, producer Flying Frogs Recording Studio in Costa Del Sol, Spain.

Moore revealed how her native D.C. roots affected her music, her drive to be successful, and her ability to stay grounded even as she topped the Billboard dance charts, hobnobbed with billionaires, and entertained royalty privately. “It’s true. I’ve enjoyed the pleasures of living in international playgrounds like Marbella, Spain, Dubai and Bangkok. But I also remember trekking to rehearsals at Duke Ellington School of The Arts and practicing for the DC Youth Chorale after working part-time jobs to save up for college.”

Moore said it took hard work, perseverance and faith to be successful. “Fortunately that’s something native Washingtonians have always had in abundance,” she said.

Hearing that the District is bustling with new venues, Moore thought it might be a good idea to come home, re-establish her roots and help other native Washingtonians figure out a place for themselves in the midst of upscale establishments and high-end dwellings. “After 15 years touring the world from Amsterdam to Zagreb, there’s still no place like home,” said Moore, a Howard University graduate.

The striking and captivating singer with the sultry and strong voice, has made it her mission to to give back to District youth by teaching skills on how to make it in the music industry far away from home and to help ignite the local live music and upscale restaurant scene. “It’s important for the youth to see that you don’t have to choose. You can graduate from college, become an entrepreneur, and be a devoted and multi-faceted artist at the same time. I know because I am all three,” Moore said.

“I want to help inspire other local artists and entrepreneurs to believe that they too can make it. Also, to also let other people know that the rapid changes taking place in the local cultural scene can be used to our advantage if we embrace change and opportunity.”
Shola Abidoye, a spokeswoman for Moore, said, “Developing the local music scene is the best way to establish a space for local singers and artists like Dihann to do big things and still stay at home, so the city benefits.”

Moore said, “There was a time when artists, like myself, felt the pull of places like New York, London, or Hong Kong because our type of sophisticated, authentic, real live music just wasn’t embraced as much locally. Fortunately that’s no longer the case.”

Abidoye said she watched Moore take command of local audiences who welcomed her with open arms. “There’s no limit to the good things that can and should be in store for all Washingtonians. As a daughter of DC, Moore is truly ready to serve the nation’s capital by helping to enliven the local entertainment, art, and music scene alike.”

The self-taught writer, producer, and music executive broke ground in other areas as well. Moore is the CEO of her own indie label and production company, Sheegrovee Entertainment. For more information visit http://www.dihannmoore.com or contact 917-477-3919.

Valencia Mohammed

Special to the AFRO