A new Washington, D.C. jobs program will supplement salaries of participants while they are trained at private companies, Mayor Vincent C. Gray said March 7.

Lisa Mallory, director of the Department of Employment Services (DOES), said the city is recruiting employers for the On-the-Job, or OJT, program.

At the mayor’s biweekly news conference, Gray and Mallory touted participation from convenience store giant 7-Eleven, regional contractor M.C. Dean and local firms, such as Gelberg Signs and L.S. Caldwell & Associates, a small company that specializes in compliance issues.

Gray said he expects companies to come forward because the city government is building a better reputation in the area of workforce development.

“There were a lot of employers suspect of the government in the past,” he said, adding that the city government is doing a better job of reimbursing companies and recruiting unemployed residents to participate.

In September, DOES launched the ambitious One City One Hire initiative, which aims to match 10,000 unemployed residents with jobs in the private sector.

For the OJT program, participants must be unemployed D.C. residents and be U.S. citizens or have work authorization.