By Perry Green, AFRO Sports

Colin Kaepernick’s lawyers have been building a collusion case against the NFL for nearly nine months now, and it looks like they may have finally put together enough evidence to prove Kaepernick was blacklisted from the league for kneeling during the playing of the National Anthem in protest of racism and police brutality.

According to Pro Football Talk, internal franchise documents generated during the NFL’s free-agency evaluation process, along with witness testimonies gathered during depositions by Kaepernick’s lawyers, proved that several NFL team not only evaluated Kaepernick as good enough to play, but also viewed him as starting quarterback material.

With this evidence, NFL owners can no longer support the argument that Kaepernick hasn’t been signed simply because he isn’t talented enough anymore.

Kaepernick’s lawyers now only need to prove that there was some form of coordination between teams to keep the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback from making a roster.

But that may have already been proven when a secret recording of a meeting between owners, executives and players was revealed last month, exposing several owners advising the league to avoid the criticisms of President Donald Trump, who had blasted the league for allowing players to protest.

Trump had also directly criticized Kaepernick, saying publicly that he or any other player who kneeled, should be “fired” from the league. Kaepernick’s lawyers perhaps need only to prove that the owners took Trump’s advice and coordinated their actions.

Perry Green

AFRO Sports Editor