The Prince George’s County Council Nov. 19 unanimously approved a measure that, its sponsor said, will increase opportunities for residents to play an active role in the growth and development of their communities.

The bill establishes a public input and notification process for disposition of property and projects pursuant to the county’s Redevelopment Authority.

Under the measure, sponsored by Council Member Karen R. Toles (D- District 7),
the Redevelopment Authority will conduct a single community meeting for each project that will include all interested parties to review and discuss the vision and scope of a property or project prior to the release of any request for a proposal (RFP).

In addition, prior to the release of an RFP, the Redevelopment Authority will send written notice to the County Council and Council Member whose district the property or project sits, according to a council news release.

The Prince George’s County Redevelopment Authority is responsible for the development, redevelopment, revitalization, and preservation of targeted communities with an emphasis on promoting workforce housing and economic development in support of the county executive’s priorities for community development, transit-oriented development, and affordable housing.

The agency’s primary objective is to decrease the number of blighted commercial and residential structures within a half-mile radius of existing transit centers and improve the quality of life for the residents of Prince George’s County.

“We want our citizens to have every possible opportunity to weigh in on the types of development projects that come to their community,” Toles said in a press release.

“Many times, residents find out about a project much too late in the process and … addresses the need to encourage early citizen involvement and more transparency. Working collaboratively with residents, positions the Redevelopment Authority to bring the types of projects to Prince George’s County in which residents can take pride.”

Courtney Jacobs

AFRO Staff Writer