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John Falcicchio
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Rashad Young
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Mark Tuohey
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Beverly Perry

Director of Mayor’s Office of Community Affairs:
Charon Hines
Director of Mayor’s Office of Community Relations and Services:
Tommie Jones

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December 15, 2016 | Vol. 2, Issue 47
Letter from the Mayor

Dear Washingtonians,
Washington, DC is safer for everyone when the fabric of trust between our communities and our police officers is strong. Over the past year, my Administration has been working diligently to implement a series of services, programs, and supports that build this trust while reducing crime.
We implemented the community stabilization protocol, a program that mobilizes a wide range of social and health services from government and nonprofits to address the immediate needs of families whose lives have been tragically interrupted by violence. We made significant investments in the District’s crime lab to ensure we are processing evidence using the best scientific standards available. We implemented and are in the process of expanding a security camera program that reimburses residents and businesses for the purchase and installation of private security cameras. We opened the Public Safety Academy at Anacostia High School so that we are preparing our young people to protect and serve their communities. We partnered with the U.S. Attorney’s Office and the DC Attorney General to bolster efforts to reduce recidivism and increase the number of attorneys prosecuting crimes in Washington, DC in order to bring about swift justice. And our Office of Victims Services and Justice Grants awarded over $24 million to community organizations that provide services to crime victims and returning citizens and that work to reduce truancy and juvenile delinquency.
It takes a village to make everyone safe, and we are building that village.

This year alone, we have seen a 17 percent decrease in homicide, a 15 percent decrease in burglary, and a 12 percent decrease in violent robberies. These numbers do not mean that we are declaring victory, but they do mean that many of the programs implemented over the past year have been effective and the District must continue to build on them.
Together, we will continue finding and implementing solutions that work for our community, and I will always make the safety of residents in all eight wards a top priority.

Muriel Bowser

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