District of Columbia Attorney General said late last week that he wants to round out an investigation on Ward 5 City Councilman Harry Thomas before leaving office the end of this month.

Nickles, who announced his resignation after Mayor Adrian Fenty conceded defeat in the September primary, returned to U.S. Superior Court, where on Dec. 2, he issued a second subpoena seeking more in-depth information from Thomas surrounding the councilman’s nonprofit dubbed Team Thomas.

The entity came under scrutiny shortly after Thomas won a second term this fall on the Council.

Nickles told the AFRO last month that Thomas is in trouble over his inability to prove that the fund –which was not registered with either the IRS or Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs – has been legitimate. Nickles said because there was no documentation that the nonprofit was registered, that Thomas was in violation of District law.

Nickles’ first subpoena, issued in late November, turned up what the attorney general said was vague information from Thomas rather than a detailed account of who contributed to the fund and how much as well as how the money was spent. Nickles has maintained that since 2008, the fund has garnered more than $200,000 in contributions.

“It’s important that his be completed under my tenure,” Nickles said. “This is a serious issue of public trust.”

Thomas reiterated that he has been in full compliance with Nickles and that there is no more information to be handed over. The Ward 5 lawmaker—who has been a fierce critic of Nickles and Fenty—has also brushed aside the attorney general’s steadfastness, saying he is merely on a witch hunt.