Roger Caldwell

It is now 2014, and Americans have forgotten the success of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Everyone is talking about President Obama’s dismal poll numbers, where only 40 to 39 percent think he is doing a good job. These numbers are the worse since he has been in office, and the Congress is talking about suing his administration.

Everywhere you look around in the world there is war, and the hawks in the country are ready to spend billions to take the fight to America’s enemies. For the last few weeks, it appears that the only discussion in America is on the president’s foreign policy. The media and our political leaders want instant solutions, but that will never happen.

When the news is only on foreign policy, America is not engaged in national successes. The ACA is breaking records from the National Center for Health Statistics, which show large coverage gains, with larger gains ahead. Blacks and Latinos saw large increases in coverage from 2013 to the first quarter of 2014. The ACA is working and very few Americans are discussing the president’s success.

In the 2014 campaign, Republicans are still telling Americans that the ACA is a failure, and the numbers are fabricated. The Republicans are informing their constituents that 8 million enrollees is not an accurate number, and they’re skeptical of the entire program.

Nevertheless, the National Center for Health Statistics says, “Coverage continued to expand in the Health Insurance Marketplace, and other recent data show continued slow growth in health care costs, and ongoing improvements in health care quality. The overall picture is clear the Affordable Care Act is working and well on its way to ensuring that all Americans have success to high quality, affordable health care.”

President Obama is a visionary, and from his very first day in office, his goal was to make fundamental changes to our broken healthcare system. With 8 million Americans signing up for ACA, expanding Medicaid, and young adults remaining on their parents insurance, more citizens have access to healthcare. Ninety-one percentages of the 8 million enrollees have paid their premiums.

This is a great achievement because the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee have also confirmed that the enrollees are paying their premiums. Initially, when the federal government claimed that there were 8 million clients, the GOP said that information was wrong. It was early in the process and many of the customers had not paid their bills. But, everyone is paying their premiums now, and claiming they are saving money or paying the same amount, and receiving a better product.

As satisfied customers tell their story about ACA, every Democrat should push this narrative in their platform.  Instead of running from the president, Democrats should be telling positive stories about the ACA. The ACA is saving lives and giving a greater access to healthcare for all Americans.

Americans now has a program that is working and it is time to thank the president for a job well done. It is easy to criticize the president, but very few supporters are looking for the positive initiatives and prorams from our president.

Roger Caldwell is a writer, who is an author, newspaper journalist, radio host, and CEO of a media company. He is a graduate of Howard University in political science, and on a weekly basis he writes two columns, President Obama Watch, and the Scott Report