By Perry Green, AFRO Sports Editor 

Ohio State head coach Urban Myer issued an apology Aug. 24 via Twitter to Courtney Smith, the ex-wife of former assistant coach Zach Smith, for not personally acknowledging her during the press announcement of his suspension the previous day.

Myer, along with Ohio State’s athletic director Gene Smith, were both suspended for three games this upcoming season for mishandling allegations of domestic violence posed against Zach Smith. Courtney Smith recently told reporters that she had personally informed Myer that she was being abused by her former husband, but the head coach never took action.

Ohio State University football coach Urban Meyer is seen during a press conference in Columbus, Ohio, Wednesday, Aug. 22, 2018, to announce the results of an investigation of NCAA college football coach Urban Meyer for the way he handled domestic-abuse allegations against a former assistant. (AP Photo/Paul Vernon)

Myer told reporters Aug. 22 that his loyalty to Zach Smith’s grandfather, former legendary Ohio State head coach Earle Bruce, clouded his judgment and influenced the manner in which he handled the allegations against Smith.

When asked during the press conference if he had any message for Courtney Smith, Myer said his only message is for everyone involved and that he was “sorry we’re in this situation.” He took to Twitter two days later to send her a more direct apology.

“My words and demeanor on Wednesday did not show how seriously I take relationship violence. I sincerely apologize,” Myer said in a two paragraph apology posted to Twitter. “I was taught at a very young age that if I ever hit a woman I would be kicked out of the house and never welcomed back. I have the same rule in my house and in the Football Program at Ohio State. Over the years, we have worked hard to educate and remind our coaches and players of the seriousness of relationship violence.

“I understand my lack of more action in this situation has raised concerns about this commitment,” Myer continued. “I once again apologize for this, and I extend my empathy to all women, men and families who are affected by relationship violence. This has been a real learning experience for me. I fully intend to use my voice more effectively to be a part of the solution.

“Let me say here and now what I should have said on Wednesday: I sincerely apologize to Courtney Smith and her children for what they have gone through.”


Perry Green

AFRO Sports Editor