Harlem Fashion Row (HFR) splashed onto the fashion scene again with another hot, rocking show, celebrating ten years of sweat and sacrifice.  It happened because of a dynamic lady, HFR founder and CEO Brandice Daniel, who has released her ‘black girl magic’ since 2007 to benefit multicultural fashion designers.  HFR has annually created a platform and runway for diversity designers who may not otherwise gain attention in the fickle world of fashion.  The 10th Anniversary Style Awards and Fashion Show featured four designers at the La Marina Cafe in New York City on September 6.  Two of the designers were HFR alumni:  Fe Noel who originally presented in 2015 and Kimberly Goldson who originally presented in 2013.  Top fashion picks from the alumni along with two other emerging designers, Undra Celeste and K.Rashae, can be checked out on harlemfashionrow.com

(Photos courtesy of HFR press kit photographer D’Anthony Photography)

HFR presented awards to four honorees that night.  Spike Lee, honorary Academy Award winning filmmaker, received HFR’s Icon 360 award.  Chioma Nnadi, Fashion News director of Vogue.com, received the Editor of the Year award.  Billboard award-winning songstress Andra Day, received the Decennium Trailblazer award.  And Claire Sulmers, founder of FashionBombDaily.com that boasts more than one million followers, received the New Media Award. 

Photos courtesy photos of HFR press kit photographer (D’Anthony Photography)

Partners like Essence Magazine, Coca Cola, Macy’s, Motions Hair Care, Nissan, Nubian Heritage and Indique Hair partnered with Daniel’s HFR to create a win-win for fashion influencers, designers and clients.  Daniel, Memphis, Tennessee born and bred, is a savvy entrepreneur that delivers on HFR promises with excellence.  Daniel said she is supported by her loving husband, a niece, the Great Girlfriends, family, and an HFR team that has been glued together for at least seven of the ten years. 

In an exclusive one-on-one interview, Daniel dishes the ins and out of HFR business and what’s in the mix for the next ten years.

Aunni Young (AY):  Please share what HFR has been doing since inception in 2007. 

Brandice Daniel(BD):  Harlem Fashion Row, our goal is to present multicultural fashion designers to the world.  One way that we do that is by having a runway fashion show once a year that introduces a select number of designers that I’ve worked with to the public through press, media and fashion influencers.  


AY:  Congratulations on HFR celebrating 10 years! What does it feel like to be a success? 

BD:  I am so grateful! I feel super blessed.  I feel like God has open the ‘windows of heaven’ on  HFR and the designers.   If I had to say one word, I’m full of GRATITUDE. 


AY:  What was special about the 10th Anniversary Style Awards and Fashion Show?

BD:  We delivered an amazing experience. From top to bottom, we did a sponsored dinner before the event.  We had influencers there.  Our honoree committee was in attendance.  Our advisory board was in attendance.   Editors were there and bloggers were there as well.  Our sponsor Motions was there. They had an amazing time with hairstylists in custom Motions t-shirts for this event.  We did a lot of beauty interviews.  We had Coca Cola, and they had a take over at the bar, which was incredible.  We presented four amazing designers and four honorees that I think all can say totally deserved to be honored. They got an amazing experience.  Even in the pouring rain. 


AY:  Your ticket prices were $350 and up. Why? 

BD: The tickets were $350 to $500.  Part of the ticket money went back to [ticket holders] being able to purchase something on the runway.  I wanted to make sure that the person in that seat would benefit the designer.  It is really important for me now, that everything I do benefits the designer in some way.  Mostly I wanted to benefit them in terms of revenue.

Andrea “Aunni” Young

AY:  What does HFR have planned for the next ten years?

BD:  I’m excited! The next ten years is all about two things:  educating designers and introducing them to the world.  Those are my two goals.  [I want to make sure we give] them the tools they need to compete on any level.  I want to make sure they are introduced to the world.   We’ve already started several different initiatives to make sure that happens. 


AY: Congratulations on your hard work, dedication, perseverance, and pursuit of the highest level of achievement. Being a fashion show founder celebrating ten years with all your dynamic partners and sponsors, is more than many have done. Many have tried.