Baltimore District Race

There are five city council seats where the current holder of the office is not running for re-election. The AFRO gathered all available information about each Democratic candidate, and below we highlight their main issue. In heavily Democratic Baltimore, whoever wins the Democratic primary is virtually guaranteed to win the election in November.

The districts with open seats are District 3, 5, 7, 8 and 12. The Baltimore primary takes place on April 26 with early voting running from April 14-21. Some candidates, even though they are listed as officially running with the Board of Elections, have no web or social media presence.


Beatrice M. Brown

Photo: N/A

Issues: N/A

Marques Dent

Issues: Growing a stronger economy, increasing community resources, and making streets safer for residents. Slogan: “Active, Accountable, Accessible.”

Ryan Dorsey

Issues: Bringing the community together and working to improve it on the ground and through legislation.

Jermain Jones

Issues: Creating jobs, improving education and quality of life, creating more youth programs, providing better care for seniors and vulnerable adults and transparency in government.

Alicia Jones

Issues: Youth development/education, local economic development, public safety, beautification and civic engagement and transparency.

Steven T. Mitchell

Photo: N/A

Issues: N/A (No Website or Social Media)

Richard R. Riha


Photo: N/A

Issues: N/A (No Website or Social Media)

George Vanhook Sr.

Issues: Improving the Baltimore City Public School System, promoting increased community engagement, creating safer communities and supporting community based businesses.


Christopher Ervin

Issues: Policing, criminal justice reform, and re-entry and advocate for STEAM program in schools. Slogan: “Elected office should be the progression of advocacy.”

Betsy Gardner

Issues: Improving education, public safety and economic development.

Derrick Lennon 

Issues: N/A. Slogan: “It’s Time for a Change!”

Elizabeth Ryan Martinez

Issues: A safer, cleaner, greener and healthier city. Strong schools and strong neighborhoods.

Isaac “Yitzy” Schleifer

Issues: Safer neighborhoods, reducing property taxes, ensuring affordable housing, attracting and retaining businesses to provide jobs and making an efficient, effective, and accessible City Hall.

Kinji Pierre Scott

Issues: Reducing guns violence in Baltimore. Slogan: “Let’s Get It Done”

Sharif J. Small

Issues: Investing in faith and family resources, building generational family wealth through financial literacy, providing resources to create successful small businesses, and rebuild strong and safe neighborhoods.

District 7

Antonio A. Asa

Issues: Treating low income senior citizens fairly by reducing property taxes and water taxes are the reasons senior citizens are forced out of their homes.

Marshall Bell

Issues: Expanding job training to areas where people actually live in the community. Increasing community engagement through playgrounds, concerts, sporting events, etc. Having better police oversight, more comprehensive treatment programs and a diverse police force.

Kenneth Paul Church

Issues: Wants to restore the city.

Facebook: Kenneth Paul Church For City Council District 7

Kerry Davidson

Issues: Fixing the trash/littering problem. Ending useless fines and permits. Training and paying police to think. Allowing inmates to repair homes in Baltimore.

Photo: N/A

Sheila Davis

Photo: N/A

Issues: N/A

Jamar Day

Issues: Safer streets, transportation and technology, education, public health and public accountability.

David McMillan

Photo: N/A

Issues: N/A

Leon F. Pinkett III

Issues: Develop and implement pre-booking diversion program as an alternative for minor drug arrests. Erase food deserts. Provide financial incentives for businesses and firms that locate, hire, or expand in underserved areas. Identify and create financial incentives to support the development of small business and entrepreneurs. Create programs to keep youth in school.

Ahmed Royalty

Issues: Cleaning up West Baltimore.

Shawn Z. Tarrant

Issues: Supports neighborhood policing and watch groups. Incentivizing officers to live in the city. More support for small businesses. Developing job training for city residents.

Westley West

Issues: economic and community development, infrastructure investment, erasing blight, public safety, youth, millennials and education.

District 8

Benjamin Barnwell Sr.

Photo: N/A

Issues: N/A

Kristerfer Burnett

Issue: Leveraging city resources to encourage investment in neighborhoods. Increasing funding GED programs and having a cleaner community.

Reginald “Reggie” Fugett

Issues: Holding the government accountable. Creating community advisory boards for public schools in the district. More training and more accessibility to training programs for citizens to jump start careers.

Rodney “Faraj” Leach

Issues: Neighborhood safety, neighborhood watch groups, allowing residents 18+ to carry guns and tasers if they pass a background check. Implementing gated communities as a way to make property values to go up. Enforcing juvenile curfew, detaining juveniles who break curfew.

Russell Neverdon

Issues: Transparency, Responsiveness, Accountability and Accessibility, ongoing Communication and Engagement with the constituents of the 8th District.

David Maurice Smallwood

Issues: Holding summits and initiatives in an effort to stem gangs and gun violence. Streamlining the process of how Baltimore sells vacant properties to developers and potential homeowners.

Dwayne “Diamond K” Williams

Issues: Reducing the homicide rate, fixing streets and roads. Computer training for seniors. Cleaner and greener neighborhoods. Job training programs. Supporting small businesses. Making activities for the youth available.

District 12

Kelly Cross

Issues: Rebuilding Baltimore’s economy. Reconnecting neighborhoods. Creating world-class transit. Creating jobs for the youth.

Gary Crum

Issues: Decreasing food desserts in Baltimore, addressing youth gun violence, finding returning citizens employment.

Ertha Harris

Issues: Education, health and public safety.

Jason Pyeron

Issues: More jobs and lowering the cost of living. Increasing home ownership.

Rashad Staton

Issues: Focusing collective works of the community, and revitalizing equity.

Robert Stokes Sr.

Photo: N/A

Issues: N/A