I like plants, especially house plants. I don’t have many however, because I don’t do well with taking care of them. They don’t make noise or get in my way. The only way they have to get my attention is to turn brown, but by then it can really be too late. No one will ever say I have a green thumb.

The Parrot Flower Power could change that for me and give my plants a new life. This device sends real time information regarding the status of your plants to your smart phone, which evaluates it against the specific plant’s requirement and provides advice/instructions regarding any needed care. This device and the associated app gives plants a voice and help them get attention before it is too late.

The device is embedded in the soil approximately 2 – 4 inches from the plant. It has four main sensors monitoring moisture in the soil, ambient air temperature, fertilizer and nutrient levels, and sunlight. It is powered by an AAA battery, used to transmit Bluetooth wireless updates every 15 minutes to the app. This information is captured when the app is within 16 – 30 feet of the device. The comparison plant information for over 6,000 plants, trees, and vegetables is available to the app for comparison and providing instructions. The real-time nature of the updates means your plants won’t have to remain in distress until you notice them. They will be able to let you know right away. 

Because the device uses a low-energy Bluetooth, battery life is around 6 months. The device itself is very attractive, shaped like the trunk tree, breaking into two branches. For an easy way to keep up with your plants, indoors or out, consider a Parrot Flower Power.


• Very easy to use

• Can be used indoors or outdoors

• Comes in three colors


• Cost, the device is expensive

• Does not connect using Wi-Fi for transmitting information

• The associated app is only available for the iPad and iPod devices


Talibah Chikwendu

Special to the AFRO