A Georgia pastor plans to gather members of his congregation at local gas pumps to pray for lower prices, according to The Associated Press.

Pastor Marshall Mabry of the Beacon of Light Christian Center in Dublin, Ga., a small town 130 miles southeast of Atlanta, planned to pray with his church members at a gas station outside a local grocery store April 16.

Gas prices are swiftly approaching $4 there and Mabry said he believes God can help.

This is his third time gathering parishioners to meet at the gas pumps to pray, he told CNN, and they are not praying just for lower gas.

“We are praying that God…will first, stabilize the economy, two, bring peace to the Middle East, and three bring down gas prices,” he said.

The entire nation should host similar prayer vigils, he added.

“I really want to see people come together and understand that as a country, we have to always go back to our foundation, which is prayer. If gas drops down to 10 cents, that’s great, but I believe that we can start a movement where everybody is praying for one common goal.”

Asked what he tells detractors, Mabry said, “I don’t understand how anyone can say God doesn’t have anything to do with the gas prices. God has everything to do with the country…I believe in my heart of hearts that faith should always be the answer.”