Mia Amber Davis, a Black plus-size model widely recognized for her appearance in the movie “Road Trip”, died on May 10. She was 36.

While initial reports said her cause of death unknown, E! Online later reported that the model and actress died from a blood clot following knee surgery. Davis’ cousin, UCLA Assistant Professor of Sociology Dr. Mignon R. Moore, told E! that the late star’s husband was notified by the coroner of the preliminary finding the following day.

“The family is devastated,” Moore told E!. “This was such an unexpected loss, and she went to a very reputable physician. I took her myself on the day of her surgery and within 24 hours she was dead.”

Davis entered a Los Angeles hospital to receive knee surgery to treat an old college basketball injury the day before her death. Moore explained that the model was excited to get the surgery done, as she had been suffering from the ailment for quite some time.

According to TMZ, Davis’ husband had spoken to her following surgery and said she sounded fine. But a few hours later, he received a call saying that she was experiencing bouts of dizziness. Then, he received another call shortly thereafter informing him that his wife had died.

In addition to playing the character Rhonda in the 2000 comedy “Road Trip”, Davis is also known for her work with plus-size fashion store Ashley Stewart. She also appeared as the face of singer Jill Scott’s Butterfly Bra and served as the creative editor-at-large for Plus Model magazine, according to The Huffington Post.

The magazine’s editor, Madeline Jones, expressed her bereavement of the model’s passing in a recent blog post.

“Mia Amber was an angel—a compassionate person who always thought about others before herself,” Jones wrote. “She was a super model and a industry leader because it was her love for the women she represented that kept pushing her when the industry itself did not embrace her. Anyone else would have given up, but Mia remained steadfast in her career, knowing that she was not just doing it for her own benefit, but for women of all ages.”

Davis’ family is planning to hold funeral services in New York, but no official date has been set.