City Police have arrested two suspects linked to the April 8 murder of Charles Bowman at Yau Brothers Carry Out at 2901 Greenmount Ave.

Troy Taylor, 19, turned himself in to authorities late Wednesday. Michael Raphael Hunter, 18, was arrested Thursday afternoon following several anonymous calls from the Waverly area to the city’s crime hotline. Police say those tips ultimately “produced a witness.”

“We did receive more information than what we would normally in cases like this,” said Maj. Terrence McLarney of the Baltimore City Police Department’s Homicide Unit in a press conference Thursday evening. “I think the victim’s reputation had a lot to do with the closing of this case.”

Bowman’s daughter Sandra Vanwright agreed, saying, “by him being so well-known and respected” it’s no surprise that people came forward. “He knew a lot of people I didn’t even know in that area, and people talk,” she said, “and I heard a lot of rumors saying different things.

“I believe the public did lead to an arrest. They really helped the police in this.”

Bowman, headed to work at the AFRO April 8 for his 1 – 9 a.m. shift at the security desk, stopped at about 12:30 a.m., as he did often at Yau Brothers, Vanwright said. As he stood facing the counter, two adult males in masks, at least one with a gun, came into the store and told the other patrons to get on the floor. Bowman, hearing the disturbance, turned around, and startled by the scene, made a sudden move and was shot down.

At some point during the robbery, witnesses told police $13 was taken from a woman in the store, said Anthony Guglielmi, Baltimore City Police Department spokesperson.

Police have ruled that robbery was the intended motive, and are ruling out any relation to gang activity. They also say Taylor and Hunter have no affiliation with the April 10 murder of a 22-year-old male at on 33rd Street and Greenmount Avenue outside of King’s Fried Chicken.

Both Hunter and Taylor have a criminal history. At the time of arrest, Hunter was serving a two-year probation sentence for possession of a handgun. He now faces charges of murder in the first and second degree; handgun possession; and use of a handgun to commit a felony crime. Charges for Taylor were not yet made public by AFRO press time.

“I’m Ok,” Vanwright told the AFRO after hearing news of the arrests. “It’s just draining, but I’m glad they caught them.”