In a month devoted to Women’s History a group of fathers have been doing their part to train the next generation of young ladies about what they should expect and how to be treated by a man.

Prince George’s County Board of Education presented the 2nd Annual “Daddy Daughter
Dance.” (Courtesy Photo)

The Largo High School cafeteria was recently transformed into an enchanting venue popping with music, dance and father’s trying to keep step as the Prince George’s County Board of Education presented the 2nd Annual “Daddy Daughter Dance.”

Prince George’s County Board of Education Member Curtis Valentine was the visionary of the March 9th event as well as members of the #Fatherhood Forum. The event sold out in less than one week as nearly 400 men took the opportunity to spend a special night with their daughters in hopes of teaching them how young men should act when the time comes for them to date.

“It’s overwhelming,” Valentine said in an interview. “I made a point to greet every father not just to meet the dads but to see the face of young daughters with their dads. I wanted to see how important (the moment) is to them. A dad is a motivator, protector and encourager.”

From sports legends, to politicians and from young fathers to grandfather’s,  men from many walks of life seemed to enjoy escorting their elementary school age children to an event that Valentine hopes will be a very valuable lesson for men to put in the time with their children.

“This image of Black fathers hanging with daughters is the opposite of what you see on TV and what the media tells you,” said NBA veteran Eton Thompson who came to the event with his daughter.  “This image needs to go out all over the place.”

In addition to music and dance, the little girls were treated to an assortment of sandwiches, meat balls, chicken and pink cupcakes.

The event brought many of the county’s male leaders who have fatherhood initiatives like Franklin Malone, President of The 100 Fathers Inc. and Rev. Lawrence Barbour who works with ex-offenders.

As one father danced with his little girl he smiled and shook his head at his new milestone. “I just got out of jail. When I was locked up I couldn’t do things like this,” he said. “This event is very important.”