By Tonya Dowhite

The Delta Variant is a new strain of the coronavirus that originated in China in 2019. It is more contagious and deadly than previous strains of the coronavirus. It spread to India, killing over 400,000 people in India after December 2020. It also has spread throughout the United States in August 2021. 

But the United States has created three vaccines, Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson, which slowed the Delta Variant’s death rate. Since only about half of the population in the United States is fully vaccinated, the Delta Variant has caused a lot of problems for all Americans. Hospitalizations and deaths among unvaccinated people are rising daily.

These are some of the problems caused by COVID-19 and the Delta Variant in the United States.

Problem 1: You now have to be tested regularly if you want to go back to work or school if you are not vaccinated.  

Problem 2: There are more vacant jobs than ever before because of the coronavirus. People are afraid to go back to work because of the unvaccinated population, but they have to because there is no other way for them to earn a living or take care of their families. 

Problem 3: More children are getting sick and dying. 

Problem 4: You must show you are vaccinated if you want to go to some restaurants, events and businesses in some states.  

Problem 5: You must wear a mask whether you’re vaccinated or not inside businesses, healthcare facilities and on public transportation in some states. 

Problem 6: Americans and public officials are debating and protesting about their rights to wear masks.

Problem 7: Some public events and services are being cancelled or changed because of the danger of the Delta Variant. 

Problem 8:  Americans are getting misinformation on vaccines from social media, which has caused a lot of confusion. 

Problem 9: Politicians have handled the virus based on their own political agendas. 

Problem 10: Racial health inequity and mistrust in the health system are impacting people getting vaccinated.  

I think God is the only way we can solve these problems. People must humble themselves and trust God and the medicine that He helped man create to cure these diseases. The world is now in a ball of confusion, and some of us are not thinking about the love of God and our fellow man. They are thinking only of themselves. But we are all in this together. I think some people have not realized this yet, which is the biggest problem.

The unvaccinated people must think about the love of their fellow man to solve these problems caused by the Delta Variant. I pray that things get better, but I think it is going to be a while before this happens. I pray that the unvaccinated begin to realize that if they want things back to normal, we must have faith in God, medicine and love for your fellow man. 

We are all in this together. This is a people problem. United we stand. Divided we fall.

Tonya Dowhite is a self-published author, who has published 15 books. Dowhite was born in Detroit, Mich., but has lived in Baltimore, Md. for the past 46 years.

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