A letter claiming to be from the United White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan which circulated to a number of businesses in Oklahoma City, Okla. to promote an upcoming rally may be a hoax.

The letter, dated April 7, claims a KKK rally will be held at the Oklahoma State Capitol on April 17.  The letter also makes several racist statements about Blacks and what should happen to them.

“We want to reassert white supremacy through terrorism and intimidation,” the letter states. “We want to bring back lynching as part of our energy conservation program.

“We must pass into law for all Athletic Darkies attending our Colleges and Universities,
the Monkey Rule,” the letter states. “We can substitute peanuts and bananas for one of their meals per day and save on food expenses charged to the state.”

The return address on the envelope was the Wisconsin-based John Birch Society, a tea-party group which has categorically denied its involvement with the letter.

“We do not know who sent it. We do not approve of the letter’s message and strongly denounce both the message and the individual or group involved in this disgusting and illegal activity,” Bill Hahn, public relations manager for the group told News 6 in Tulsa.  “We have reported this to the Oklahoma City Police Department.”

According to several reports, the letter is now believed to be a hoax.  The Oklahoma City Police Department and an Oklahoma City-based Web site, HateTrackers.com, both question the letter’s authenticity.

“It’s a hoax. The United White Knights do not openly declare illegal or terrorist acts and they’re now more into white separatism than white supremacy, and more likely to be raging against illegal immigrants,” the editor of HateTrackers.com said in an e-mail.