Honey Child! ARE WE ENJOYING THIS WEATHER? God has blessed us with a great winter season so far. I know the “Fat Lady” hasn’t sung yet, but I’m going to pray on it. I suggest to you in the meantime to enjoy the hell out of it.

My “Boo-Boo” and I have been having a ball, we have been checking out a lot of the local clubs, trying to support many who support me. We were over at Root’s Lounge on Smallwood Street and had a cocktail with Ronnie, the owner and John Shed, who were playing some oldies.

We caught up with Carlos Hutchins a couple of Thursdays’ ago at the Big Easy Night Club, Restaurant & Lounge on his ‘Happy Hour” on Liberty Road in Randallstown. He had a full house. The food was wonderful, cooked by Chef Daniels, the owner. Last Friday we stop by the Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity House re-opening “Happy Hour” and girlfriend, it was standing room only. What a crowd!

Brice “Pete” Peterson is one of the cooks in the kitchen, Carlos Hutchins was behind the bar also the host and DJ “LJ” was pumping the music. They are located 4500 Garrison Blvd.

Shorty and I made a pit stop at Maceo’s Lounge on Monroe Street, to say hello to one of my favorite club owners, Donte’ and his lovely staff. Boo-Boo and I along with a house full of patrons had the opportunity to catch “Baretta” and her band. They were awesome as usual.

We ran into a couple of friends, Carolyn and AJ Miles at Maceo’s who wanted us to meet them after the show at the Tequila Sunrise on Pennsylvania Avenue. We walked in and there was Libby, the owner playing my favorite oldies. We had a wonderful week of visiting and supporting some of the local clubs last week, next week is another story. This week ended with my being honored, along with Dr. Donna T. Hollie and others, by Arch Social Club during their 100 year anniversary celebration. The Arch Social Club honored women who have supported them over the years, including wives or widows of their officers and members. The event started March 4 and will continue every evening thru March 11 with a live blues band, comedy night, B&B bands, singing groups; line dancing, dinner, hand-dancing and more live entertainment by their new “house band,” Phil Butts and his Big Band.

For more information, call 410-728-6808.

This week, we are going to try to get out and support some of the other spots, hopefully I will see you too.

I am looking forward to our fundraiser, the Rosa Pryor Music Scholarship Fund Gospel Prayer Breakfast on March 17 at the Normandy Room, hosted by Rev. Dorothy Boulware. Live entertainment will include the Remnant of Annapolis gospel group; Marjorie and the Heavenly Singers; gospel comedians, Ainte’ Dora & Pumpkin; Alice Wilhoit, a gospel vocalist and Pastor George Nicholson of Siloam Freewill Baptist Church will do the sermonette. The breakfast open buffet is catered by Dinner Xpress Caterers. For tickets or information, call 410-833-9474. We need your contribution for the children.

Well, my friends, I have a lot more to talk about, but I am out of space and out of time. If you need me, email me at rosapryor@aol.com. Don’t forget to pick up the AFRO or read it on line; www.afro.com or just get a subscription. UNTIL THE NEXT TIME, I’M MUSICALLY YOURS.