Hello everyone, how are you? A lot of juicy stuff is going on this week and I am excited to tell you about it. Good news! I found a publisher who will publish my 2nd book, which is just about completed, I just need you to send me more pictures of where you or your relative lived in Baltimore and the surrounding cities in Maryland during the era of 1939-1970’s, you or your family member will be featured in my book. Email me at rosapryor@aol.com and we will talk about it.

I want to start by telling you about a gentleman named Al Johnson, who is the founder of “SugarFoot Dance Company.” He has been inspiring creative expression through dance for more than a decade. He said he like to make dancing fun. He offers professional training for groups or private and also performs at special events. Johnson’s professional training includes hand-dancing, ballroom dancing, two-step, and bop. Group lessons are conducted at his dance studios in Baltimore and Edgewater, Md. Special occasion and demonstration performances are done by his certified instructors, who add a special flair to any occasion including weddings, anniversaries, cruises, award ceremonies, conferences and parties. The SugarFoot Dance Company is planning an event of Line and Hand Dancing at the Reginald Lewis Museum on Aug. 16. For more information, call 443-621-4032 for more information.

Another special event is coming up that you all are invited is the Celebrating the First Anniversary of the “Avenue Bakery”, (The Home of Poppay’s Rolls), which is located 2229 Pennsylvania Avenue in Baltimore on Aug. 15. The owner, Jim Hamlin is also a certified baker who personally makes all of his rolls, bread pudding, cookies, tarts and other baked goods. His rolls, white or wheat, are to die for. He makes and cooks all his baked goods right on the premises. In his beautifully designed bakery with glass windows where you can see and smell the rolls coming out of the oven with the aroma of your grandma’s kitchen will force you to buy at least a dozen at a time. The décor is filled with wall-to-wall momentos of Historical Pennsylvania Avenue in its hey-day. Also, there is a glass showcase that houses autographed copies of the book “African-American Entertainment in Baltimore”, for sale. It is the only book of its kind telling the story of the historical Pennsylvania Avenue in pictures. There will be a lot more going on at this event, including sampling the baked goods. So check it out! For more information, call 410-225-3881.

The Contemporary Arts Inc. will feature a program on Aug. 16, 1 p.m. for the performance of camp participants and staff. On Aug. 17 participants, staff, volunteers and parents will visit the Eubie Blake National Institute and Cultural Center where they will tour, engage in interactive activities and lunch; also, because of donations given in support of jazz at Randallstown High School. This year’s program provided workshops in jazz performance and improvisation to 40 instrumental music students. For more information on this event, call 410-944-2909.

The Nat Turner Tour hosted by the Soul School Institute on Aug. 18 to travel to the battle site that most people have never seen or heard of. The Nat Turner Tour is an educational experience that restores your heroes, and allows you to look at slavery through African eyes. The tour presents you with an opportunity to explore that aspect of the past that has been distorted and omitted from historical overview. The bus departs from Frederick Douglass High School at 7 a.m. and returns that night at 11:30 p.m. For more details, call 410-385-9532 or 410-728-0877.

Alpha Phi Omega is having their “Fish Fry & Flea Market” on Aug. 11, 4500 Garrison Blvd, noon to 6 p.m. Dinners are sold and vendor space is available. For more information, call 443-963-5711. On Aug.10 the fraternity brothers are hosting a Luau and Leo Birthday party at the club, serving hot steamed crabs on the deck and barbeque (the pig has been ordered); dancing and live entertainment by a Steel Band.

A reminder about the “Smooth Jazz; R&B and Blues Show” featuring a special tribute to Jennifer Hudson, Tenna Marie, George Benson, Barry White and B.B. King on Aug. 11 at the Best Western Ballroom, 1800 Belmont Avenue. For ticket information, call 443-540-7797.

Oh my goodness, folks! I am out of time and space. Enjoy your weekend. Have fun safely. If you need me, call me at 410-833-9474 or just email your events and letters to rosapryor@aol.com. UNTIL THE NEXT TIME, I’M MUSICALLY YOURS.