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Randall Robinson

Virginia Union University, an historically black university in Richmond, Va., founded in 1865, is hosting author and internationally acclaimed advocate for freedom and justice, Randall Robinson, to address university faculty, alumni, students and the general public, Sept. 8 at VUU’s Coburn Hall.

At a time when historically black colleges and universities are advancing leadership and educational opportunities for students, Robinson will address the topic of “Virginia Union University: A Bridge to Intellectual Freedom and Equality.”

Robinson – a VUU alumnus — founded TransAfrica in 1979 and led the “Free South Africa Movement,” a campaign to end Apartheid. In 1994, he led a campaign to end military rule in Haiti during which time he underwent a 27-day hunger strike. This caused the United States Government to lead the successful multinational operation that, in 1994, returned to power Haiti’s first democratically elected – but violently overthrown – government. He now is a professor of law at Penn State University.

Robinson’s address is the first of many planned events highlighting the university’s 150th year of advancing higher education. See more at