Shad Moss, better known by his stage name Bow Wow, was bombarded with negative Tweets after recently making controversial racial and political statements on social media.

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Rapper Bow Wow was at the center of controversy after Tweeting about race and voting. (Courtesy photo)

On June 27, he Tweeted that he would not be voting this year and that he’d like to stay away from politics. After another fan suggested that his ancestors fought for the right to vote, Moss then claimed that because he identifies as mixed race, he feels no connection with the privilege of voting.

“I’m mixed,” Moss wrote. “I don’t know what my ancestors was doing. I only know what I see!”

“Yeah I seen SELMA,” he wrote in another tweet. “Was I related to anyone, no. I’m saying my Moss side of family is NOT BLACK. Heritage different.” On July 28, #BowWow was a trending topic on Twitter, with most commentors criticizing his statements.

“My grandma is not Black,” Moss wrote later. “My dad’s father was mixed. My dad look like a drunk Cuban with no rhythm.” To prove to his fans that he was multi-ethnic, Moss posted a mugshot of his estranged biracial father on his Instagram account.

“People want me to fight the power,” he added. “I’m just not with all that, it’s not me.”

Moss also wrote that he would not be voting in the upcoming election. When a fan asked if he was voting for Trump or Hilary, Moss wrote back, “I don’t really care, because after I learned what I learned about politics I just stay away…Let down.”

Moss said that he voted eight years ago, but did so as more of a ritual rather than understanding what his vote really meant. After other users pointed out that he may influence others not to vote, Moss responded, “They have the right to as they please. They do what they heart desires and what moves their soul.”

Moss also joked about Trump’s hotel chain, saying he was “treated like royalty” at the Toronto location, and that “my waters be at the temp I like, etc. The staff incredible.” However, he later clarified that he was not advocating for his fans to vote for Trump. “I’m not voting for Trump. So you better not.”

Moss has been a prominent figure in Black entertainment and media throughout his career. He got his start in the music industry as Lil Bow Wow, and caught the eye of artists including Jermaine Dupri and Snoop Dogg. After being signed to Death Row Records, Moss’s album “Beware of Dog” reached double platinum at only the age of fourteen. Moss soon got into acting as well, appearing in movies such as “Johnson Family Vacation” and “Like Mike.” After dropping the “Lil” in his stage name, Moss took center stage as a star in movies including “Lottery Ticket” with Ice Cube, “Roll Bounce,” and “Madea’s Big Happy Family.” In 2013, Bow Wow became a co-host of BET’s music countdown show “106 & Park.” The show was cancelled in 2014.

Despite the criticism over his recent tweets, Moss is sticking to his position, saying, “If it’s not in my heart to do so then I can’t scream out I’m not passionate about in my heart. Can’t fake it.”