A soldier facing a court-martial for allegedly making threats in a rap video he sent to the Pentagon can be sent overseas to go on trial in Iraq, a federal judge ruled on February 17.

Lawyers for U.S. Army Spc. Marc Hall requested that the soldier’s trial take place in the United States and not Iraq, as the Army sought, according to New America Media. But U.S. District Judge William Moore ruled that he would not intervene in a case being tried under military law, according to the Associated Press.

Hall, 27, was jailed after mailing a malevolent rap song to the Pentagon. In the song, “Stop Loss,” which was also posted on his personal Web site, Hall spoke about his anger over being deployed and raps about going on a shooting spree.

According to the Savannah Morning News, Hall wrote the song in July after learning he would be “stop-lossed”, a military practice under which a soldier’s service is extended beyond their contractual agreement date.

Hall’s lawyers said holding the trial in Iraq will “violate right to due process of law and will significantly compromise his ability to defend himself.”

Lt. Col. Eric Bloom, who works at the Pentagon, told New America Media that sending a soldier to Iraq for a court martial is not unusual, and said Hall’s unit has already been deployed overseas.

“His unit moved so he has to follow his unit,” Bloom said. “His command is there, and the majority of witnesses are there.”