By Sean Yoes
AFRO Baltimore Editor

A recent tweet by Baltimore Ravens superstar quarterback Lamar Jackson has some people wondering if he wants to “make America great again.”

On April 18, Jackson posted his University of Louisville teammate Jaire Alexander’s exuberant response to Jackson being drafted by the Ravens with the last (32nd) pick of the first round in 2018.

After Jackson’s tweet, Trump tweeted the following: “Really nice to see this and, what a great pick!”

Ravens star quarterback Lamar Jackson’s twitter exchange with Donald Trump has raised some eyebrows and ire in Baltimore and beyond. (Photo:Twitter)

Subsequently, Jackson responded to Trump by tweeting: “Truzz Trump.”

“Truzz,” is a variation of “Truss,” a slang for trust. “Big Truss” was a term used often by Jackson and his Ravens teammates during last season, which ended in a brutal loss in the playoffs after the team was picked by many to be in the Super Bowl.

It’s somewhat dubious in what context Jackson is suggesting people should “trust Trump.” But, given his uneven, many would argue catastrophic response to the coronavirus pandemic, the sentiment seems ill-timed at best.

Nevertheless, right wing media has picked up on the NFL MVP’s apparent trust in Trump.

On April 20, right-wing media giant Breitbart posted a story about the Jackson, Trump tweet exchange with the headline, “Lamar Jackson’s Pleasant Twitter Exchange with Trump Causes Confusion, Backlash.”

Breitbart wrote: “On Saturday, President Trump tweeted a nice comment about Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson, but the anti-Trumpers went on the warpath against the player because they misunderstood Jackson’s reply to Trump’s tweet.” 

However, Breitbart contends the word “truzz” actually means love. So, using their definition “big truzz” or “big truss” actually means big love. Either way it seems Jackson is sending love and/or trust to the 45th president, which may have some, or even a majority of Ravens fans giving the star quarterback a dose of side eye.


Sean Yoes

AFRO Baltimore Editor