Goodbye Kirk Cousins; hello 3-13 in the NFC East. Washington Redskins fans watched one of the better quarterbacks in the league walk away over Jedi mind games and, instead, management picks up longtime average starter Alex Smith? The Washington football franchise might as well blow it up…start on over.

Washington Redskins

Washington’s running game had no direction last year. Their defense couldn’t sustain and the special teams was “blah.” They subtract Cousins from the mix and added a traditional “game manager,” but what’s there to manage when you don’t have any weapons?

It’s time to secure a quarterback and tanking is the best way. Washington isn’t going anywhere next season or the season after that. The headliners aren’t there and the coaching isn’t there. It’s time to blow it up. When there’s no direction, teams will suffer. When teams suffer they lose. When they lose, the coach gets fired. When the coach gets fired, a new coach comes in and reshuffles the roster. So let’s go ahead and get things started early.

Does anybody know what Washington is doing? Philadelphia just got crowned champs, and Dallas and New York will have their stars back from suspension and injury to go along with high draft choices. There’s hope for every team in the NFC East next season. Washington’s only hope is to stink it up and hope they land a quarterback in next April’s draft to get the renovation project started.

Stephen D. Riley

Special to the AFRO