I was heartbroken when I woke this morning to the news that Congressman Elijah Cummings had passed away. Elijah and I have known each other for some 40 years. He was a warrior for social, racial, and economic justice. He was a loving father. He was someone who would always call or text me back. He had the pulse of the people and was an eloquent voice against the rise of the racist right in our nation, while still willing and able to cross the aisle to make things happen.

I will miss our occasional breakfasts, our conversations and our shared laughs when we would meet. I will remember and appreciate how Elijah wanted to help my youngest daughter when she was considering Howard University.

Elijah’s life was an example to young people that they too could fight their way through poverty and a racist world to have a meaningful life and make a contribution.

Rest In Peace, Brother Elijah. We will miss you, hold you in our hearts, and keep your name alive as we struggle for a better world.


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