Baltimore native Rick Younger plays Mr. Duvall in “Mean Girls: The Musical” which debuted Oct. 31 at the National Theatre in D.C. The AFRO sat down with Younger to talk about growing up Baltimore and his return to musical theater following his 2001-2002 performance in the national tour of “Rent.”

JW: I know you grew up in Baltimore as well as attended University of Maryland for college, can you tell me more about your experience growing up in the DMV area?

RY: I was raised in Baltimore. I went to Poly and graduated from the University of Maryland-College Park. I got my start in entertainment in the D.C. and Baltimore area doing stand-up comedy. I was always performing whether it was singing with my band, that I still perform with. It’s me, my cousin, my brother, and some other friends from high school. I’m always home because it’s a hop, skip and a jump from New York, where I live now. So I still have a lot of ties to the Baltimore area, I’m always here.

JW: So, your musical performing is a little different than musical theater, since you are just singing and not singing and acting?

RY: This is, as my agent described it, my triumphant return to musical theater. I actually toured with “Rent” years ago, but my most recent career achievements have been in television and in film and stand-up comedy, performing for “Showtime at the Apollo” and “Access TV.” I was in the season finale of “Girls.” So, it’s been a minute since I’ve been back into musical theater. And to be in “Mean Girls,” is quite exciting. The movie is so popular and everyone loves Tina Fey and to actually work with her is pretty cool.

JW: How would you compare your experience working in “Mean Girls” to working in Rent?

RY: Well “Rent” obviously was also a cultural phenomenon but “Rent” is a rock opera so the whole show is singing. my character is Mr. Duvall and there’s definitely more acting than I did in “Rent”.

JW: How does your character of Mr. Duvall differs from Mr. Duvall in the film?

RY: It really came down to my interpretation of Mr. Duvall versus Tim Meadows . I am familiar with “Mean Girls,” but I have not seen it in a while and I have not seen since I got the part. I wanted to be able to have my own spin of Mr. Duvall.

Mr. Duvall is actually a combination of my cousin who is a headmaster at St. Paul’s School and my brother who is a retired state trooper. So, I bring the educator aspect from my cousin and the disciplinary aspect from my brother. I think it’s a unique take on it. I think people will be able to appreciate my take on it as well as Tim Meadows’.

JW: Tina Fey wrote this stage play. How has it been working with her?

RY: It’s really cool. She’s there, we see her every day. So that right there is always mind-boggling. Like wow, she’s right here, she is very collaborative, she’s very hands-on. She doesn’t have a person she sends, she comes over and she asks us for our input with what she gives. She is very open to our interpretation of things.

“Mean Girls: The Musical” will run at the National Theatre in D.C. until Dec. 3.