THE ROCKS hosted their 2012 National Leadership and Training Conference at the Fort Belvoir, Va. Officer’s Club under the theme, “Mentoring Military Professionals for Global Leadership.” Members of the Army’s senior leadership including the Chief of Staff of the Army (CSA), GEN Ray Odierno came out and briefed the conferees on issues facing the Army in the 21st Century and its operational tempo going forward…Transformation was the key word heard throughout all of the presentations. In conjunction with the conference, the 38th Annual Spring Gala and Awards Ceremony was held. THE ROCKS has over 1,000 members from the Armed Forces consisting of active duty, reserve, retired and former commissioned officers. Their primary mission is to strengthen the United States Army Officer Corps. Brig Gen (Ret) Clara Adams-Ender is the outgoing chair and Brig Gen (Ret) Earl Simms is the incoming chair; Col (Ret) Ray Bingham chaired the conference planning committee.