A family portrait taken by an AFRO photographer in 1970, shows Effie and Lloyd Scott Sr (both deceased) and each of their fifteen children. Ronald Scott was away in the military and his picture was added in later.

In Dec. of 1970 the AFRO a story ran titled “Mrs. Santa Helpers have 35 Kids of their Own”. The story highlighted four national guardsmen of the 231st Transportation Battalion of the Melvin H. Cade Armory, who volunteering to deliver gift baskets to over 250 families in the Baltimore are. One of those guardsmen, serving for his tenth year, wasMaster Sergeant Lloyd Scott. He and his wife Effie Scott had 15 children at the time of the article and all were getting prepared for the holiday season. This week we catch up with the Scott family to see how they are doing four and half decades later.

The Scott children have seen many additions over the years including 30 children and 15 grandchildren but also have had their share of losses. Master Sergeant Lloyd Scott died on Nov. 8, 2005 and his wife, Effie Scott, followed him on Jul. 26, 2011. All of their sons have served in the military in some form or capacity between the Army, Navy and Reserves. The eldest sons also assisted M/Sgt. Scott with his Ms. Santa deliveries for many holiday seasons.

The majority of the Scott children still reside in Baltimore City, three others (Patricia, Michael and Rochelle) have since moved to Pennsylvania and one (James) lives in New York. Even with states separating them now, the children still remain in close contact and often come together to celebrate birthdays, holidays and other special occasions. Although their parents have passed, the children have maintained one special family tradition throughout the years, their annual Christmas Eve family gathering. This was the one thing their father asked them to carry on regardless of circumstances in their lives and they have kept their end of the bargain. Each year the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren gather at a family member’s home and everyone brings gifts and food to celebrate the holidays. This year the Scott family will gather at Sandra’s home to renew the tradition.

Natalie (68) is the eldest, a retired educator, grandmother of two and known as the rock that keeps the family focused on supporting each other.

Ronald (66) is the first male and second child, a career Naval Officer, husband, grandfather of three and has taken on the role of caretaker for his siblings.

Lloyd Jr. (65) is third in the family line, a career Army Reserve Officer, husband, grandfather of two and known as the comedian of the family.

Anthony (64) is the fourth child, Army Reservist, church administrator at Grace A.M.E., husband, father and is always on hand to assist his family when in need.

Diane (62) is the second daughter and fifth in the line, a hospital volunteer worker, grandmother of two, fashionista and is affectionately known as “the quiet one” among the family.

Patricia (61) is the sixth child, a civil servant, wife, grandmother of two and is known as the dancer in the family.

Melvin (60) is lucky number seven, career Army Officer, father of four and has recently been dealing with a medical illness but is being given support by his siblings.

Michael (58) is the eighth child, a career Army Reserve Officer, husband, father of six and is known to the family as “the life of the party”.

Valerie (57) is the ninth child, grandmother of three, she is known to “take no prisoners” as the protector of the family and she keeps everyone caught up on the happenings of their old neighborhood, Wilson Park.

Geraldine (56) is the tenth child, banking professional, wife, grandmother of one and is known as the “no nonsense” sibling of the group.

Richard (55) is the eleventh in the line, a career Army Reserve Officer, part-time disc jockey and was affectionately known as “Daddy’s Shadow” growing up.

Shirley (53) is the twelfth in the Scott family line, a career medical services provider, mother of one and within this large family unit she is known as the private one.

Rochelle (52) is the thirteenth child, University of Maryland, Baltimore County alum, a human resources professional, wife, mother of two and the spiritual rock of the family.

James (51) is the last male in the Scott line and fourteenth child, a naval officer, mass transit operator, father of one and the furthest located of the siblings as he currently resides in New York.

Sandra (49) is the baby of the bunch, the athlete of the family, a basketball coach and known as “the girl with a heart of gold” to her siblings.