Scrabble Dictionary

This book cover image released by Merriam-Webster Inc. shows “The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary: Fifth Edition.” The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary, out Aug. 11 from Merriam-Webster, has 5,000 new words.

Scrabble enthusiasts now have 5,000 new words stemming from social media and pop culture to play on their boards. The expanded word list is presented in the fifth edition of the game’s official dictionary.

According to CNNMoney,  words  such as “hashtag, and “selfie” that weren’t around in 2005 when the dictionary was last updated now have a place on Scrabble boards around the world.

The new entries include musical scale words such as “ti,” or the variant word “te.”

The new words add about 40 pages to the dictionary, which already has more than 100,000 words. The updates include words and spellings frequently used by Canadian and British English speakers.

John Chew, co-president of the North American Scrabble Players Association, noted, according to CNN, the additions will “go a long way toward bringing us closer to the language as it is currently spoken.”

According to the Huffington Post, Merriam-Webster has yet to release all 5,000 new words,  but identified a list of about 30 words – “beatbox, buzzkill, chillax, coqui, frenemy, funplex, jockdom, joypad, mixtape, Mojito, Ponzu, qigong, schmutz, Sudoku, and yuzu. Geocache was also added, voted into the dictionary by the public during a Facebook contest in May.”

Although The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary went on sale Aug. 13 from Merriam-Webster, its official sanctioning takes place Dec. 1.


Maria Adebola

Special to the AFRO