TriceEdneyWireService — Often many of us say critical things about professional athletes; but before we do, we should remember that some of them actually do great things to make life better for the least of these.  One such person is Ty Nsekhe, professional offensive tackle, #79, player with the Washington, DC football team.

When most adults are rushing through the holiday season trying to buy gifts for family and friends, a Secret Santa normally dressed up in a football uniform on Sundays had a Christmas list for 2016.  His list was to help families in the Washington, DC; Arlington, Texas and other areas who were in need.  

Dr. E. Faye Williams

Dr. E. Faye Williams

This Secret Santa is compassionate and focused, and has become a sensation with the Washington football team.  His name may not yet be an often heard name, but it will be.  Former DC Councilwoman, Yvette Alexander, helped to find a family in need during the holidays.

Partnering with the Teen Academy Police Services (TAPS) – DOJ funded program based in Texas with Dr. Everette Penn, Ty had only one requirement — that the family must be a family in need. He wanted to make the children’s Christmas special and impactful. Ms. Alexander found the Wright family of Southeast DC, with whom she’d been working and Ty went into action by visiting the family on his off day. The Wright family has 3 boys– ages 15 (a student athlete) 10 and 7, all of whom had a chance to spend an evening with Ty and the family received funds from him to support their holiday.

Ty also gave the boys team shirts, firm handshakes and plenty of love and Christmas joy.  He spent time with the boys, advising them about staying in school, staying focused and staying out of trouble.

Ty partnered with the TAPS Program and The Arlington Police Department to support the family of star quarterback Jeremiah Monroe, his little brothers and cousins and grandmother, in Arlington, Texas.  Ty also supported families impacted by police violence. In Minnesota, he donated to the scholarship fund of the daughter of Philando Castille who was killed by police. He supported the Trayvon Martin Foundation and Mothers of the Movement.

Ty’s been playing well recently with the Washington football team and he’s a recent dad himself, with a 9 month old son who just celebrated his first Christmas. Ty is focused on football, family and fans. He’s committed to spreading the holiday spirit with those in need.  He said, “I know what it feels like to be away from your family on holidays, especially Christmas, so I decided I’m blessed beyond measure, so I simply want to be a blessing to others.”

As a young person, Ty was incarcerated before playing professional football and was given a second chance for which he’s grateful. To help others, he started the Ty Nsekhe Foundation, dedicated to supporting those impacted by violence and incarceration. He is also interested in assisting veterans since he comes from a family of veterans. Many of the families who received their Christmas joy from Ty say he is a man with compassion and empathy for others. Prior to playing in Washington, DC he played in St. Louis and New Orleans. Families receiving Ty’s help will meet with him in the off season. It is his desire to make Christmas special, and life better for many for years to come by helping others.

We need more good brothers like Ty.When God blesses us, we have an obligation to share those blessing with others.  He’s proven that it doesn’t take anything from us to share our blessings with those in need. Ty didn’t ask to have his good deeds publicized, but we thought you should know some good news.
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