Friday, January 22, 2021


The Psychological Dimensions of White Supremacy

The CNN cable news program “Anderson Cooper 360°” recently aired a four-part series devoted to the subject of race in America. The program, “Black or White: Kids on Race,” featured a new study based upon the research of Dr....

Ron Walters…Professor Gates and the Blame for Slavery

(NNPA) — Like everyone else who read Professor Henry L. Gates’ piece in the New York Times asserting that Africans were just as responsible for slavery as Europeans, I was aghast because he is one of the most acclaimed...

Raynard Jackson…Alienation

My position on illegal immigration is very public – I DO NOT SUPPORT AMNESTY under any circumstances. So, with the new illegal immigration bill signed into law in Arizona and the volume of phone calls seeking my opinion, I...

Elijah Cummings…Dr. Harold A. Carter Sr.: A Legacy of Principle and Faith

This year, Dr. Harold A. Carter Sr. celebrates 45 years as the principal shepherd of Baltimore’s New Shiloh Baptist Church. In his own words, he is above all “a God man,” the primary trustee of his congregation’s spiritual life. Yet,...

Elijah Cummings…Gateway to Success

At a time when our economic recovery is just beginning to gain speed, it has become clearer than ever before that economic success truly requires a national effort.  The stimulus funding provided by the federal government has been essential...

Tod Ewing … A New Look at the Black/White Divide

We are stuck, been stuck and will remain stuck if we don’t reframe the challenge and embrace a new perspective. I offer one that is as old as it is new. How is a parent able to forgive the murderer...

Peter Franchot … Tax Deadline’s Approach is No Reason to Panic

Every year around this time, fear and panic begin to set in across the state for thousands of Marylanders, who realize that the tax deadline is approaching and they have yet to file their returns. Even in the best...

Rev. Jesse Jackson … Health Care is a Fundamental Right: No Repeal and Replace

“Repeal and replace” has become the battle cry of Sarah Palin and the bulk of Republican Senators after the passage of comprehensive health care reform. They’re rousing fears, threatening those with health insurance that their costs and taxes will...

Marc Morial … College Basketball Graduation Rates: Keep the Madness, End the Insanity

Colleges prepare all year for the lucrative chance to send a team to the basketball championship tournament commonly known as "March Madness."  But, when it comes to making sure that student athletes are academically prepared for the game of...

Mona Eltahawy, Stephanie Street…Is France Right to Ban Wearing the Burka in Public?

As a Muslim woman and as a feminist, I support banning the face veil, everywhere and not just in France where they are to vote on a resolution and possibly a ban on wearing the garment in public places...

Raynard Jackson…A Liberal Solution to Black Unemployment

Every time I try to give radical, Black liberals the benefit of the doubt when it comes to doing what’s in the best interest of our own community, I am saddened to conclude that I doubt that there is...

Valencia Mohammed…D.C. VotersThink for Yourselves

For several decades, Washingtonians have been steered to select certain candidates for elected office based on the opinions of editors and reporters of daily newspapers. Never mind the fact that most of the editors and reporters didn't reside in...


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