Tiger Woods may have returned to the PGA Tour, but his game still hasn’t fully recovered to dominant form. Woods competed for the first time in nearly a month last weekend at the Memorial Golf Tournament, but instead of ripping competition like he’s done throughout most of his career, he finished in 19th place at 6-under (284 total points).

Another sign that Tiger isn’t quite back to his normal excellence on the course came in the opening shots of the final round Sunday, June 6. Woods’ first shot of the day was so off that it ended up hitting a bystander in the left leg, while his second tee-off hit another spectator in the shoulder, nearly knocking him to the ground. According to reports, neither fan was injured and received a signed glove from Tiger.

“I kept getting everybody out there today,” Woods joked with reporters after the tournament. “No, but thank God I get them for free.”

But even without dominating, Woods believes his performance at the Memorial is a step in the right direction. He says he’s still getting warmed up after missing time due to the neck injury he suffered throughout most of 2010. When asked during the press conference how sure he is about committing to playing in the U.S. Open at Pebble Beach on June 17, Woods said about 50 percent. For now, he just wants to continue “retracing his steps.”

“Just like what I’ve always done,” Woods said, “You’ve got to go back and take it step by step.”