Ashleigh Fields currently serves as the Assistant Editor at the AFRO. (Photo courtesy of GBurke Images / Glen Graham)

By Ashleigh Fields,
AFRO Assistant Editor

A sound mind and a sound body comes from a sound soul. To achieve the highest form of serenity, I believe it takes a multitude of silence and solitude. Sometimes your thoughts can be your greatest detriment and the voices around you can be a deterrent to your success.

It’s not often that people take into consideration the power of silence. Being alone and pondering your thoughts offers more peace than most conversations can provide. When you are facing life’s obstacles, the best thing to do is sit still. Some might call it meditation and others may use the space to say a prayer but both require a quiet form of repose that pacifies the soul. 

When you center yourself, you center your thoughts which helps you tackle your emotions. As humans, we have feelings and we should. But when we act rashly without considering different perspectives it limits the outcome we are able to achieve. In this day and age, everything around us moves so quickly that sometimes it becomes hard to process and few realize they have the opportunity.

On social media, in a fit of rage it’s easy to fire off a tweet. If you’re sitting at home feeling lonely, it only takes one swipe to schedule a date. When you’re feeling scared, it’s effortless to release your anxiety by using your thumb to scroll endlessly.

But anger, loneliness and fear shape us. It’s how we respond to these emotions in our worst moments that testify to our character and well-being. If you don’t give yourself enough time to process and unwind you are more likely to respond prematurely.

Don’t get me wrong. Many of us are overdue for a good scream or a loud cry but these actions do not benefit you when you are overwhelmed.

But when you read a good book, color or write, you take yourself out of the present moment and indulge in a form of intimacy with yourself through silence. Your mind is free to wonder. 

It allows you to roam freely in thought. It enhances your ability to dream.

Whether it’s for five minutes or five hours, this month I encourage you to start giving yourself a chance to pause and enjoy your personal quiet space today. It will ease the stress of tomorrow.