The Rev. Dr. Joseph Lowry has not only been a witness to the transformation of America, from a land of oppression to one that is run by an African-American president, he has been a righteous participant. His words have been heard during times of struggle, as a peaceful foot soldier in the Civil Rights Movement and in times of Triumph, as he delivered the benediction at President Obama’s Inauguration.

“Life is a strange land, but we are called to preach God’s Word in strange circumstances. We must sing the Lord’s song, do his will even in and under strange circumstances. Here you will find sermons, speeches, poems, commentaries, and remarks that were made in churches, public forums, rallies, and school and on the streets.”
–Excerpted from the Introduction (pg. xiii)

This book details Lowery’s life as a pastor, a preacher and a leader. He tells his story through an inspirational and informative narrative. These accounts are accompanied by a compilation of transcripts of his spoken works, to give us a unique look into black history. Each chapter deals with a social woe relevant to the time being recollected.

“Throughout my life, I have sought to apply the moral imperatives of my faith to social, economic, and political problems. I never saw real distinction between the roles. Preaching is designed to help folks make heaven their home and to make their homes here heavenly.”
–Excerpted from the Introduction (pg. xiii)

Singing, The Lord’s Song In A Strange Land is an important story that will take you on a journey through the past and into the present, through the eyes of a man who was there for it all. He reflects on where we have been as a people, where we are now and where we should be focusing our eyes on going in the future.

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Singing, The Lord’s Song In A Strange Land
By Joseph E. Lowery
Hardcover, $22.00
144 pages
ISBN: 978142671348