By Brianna Rhodes
Special to the AFRO

A single mother of five received the keys to a newly renovated home on Thursday all thanks to real estate investor, Dr. Joseph Asamoah and the help of D.C. city officials, the housing authority and the banking community.

District of Columbia resident, Keeyonna Musgrove was presented a five-bedroom, 3.5 bathroom home in the Rosedale community located in Northeast. Musgrove, who has suffered many life challenges, such as abuse and homelessness, now has the opportunity to live in a nice home and safe community with her children. 

New home recipient Keyonna Musgrove and family, along with Dr. Joseph Asamoah, D.C. City officials and the banking community. (Photo by Brianna Rhodes.)

The ceremony was held to represent the positive impact of how the lives of those in financial need can be changed for the better through support from the city, its programs and investors like  Asamoah, in order to help “offset displacement caused by gentrification,”according to the ceremony’s press release. Musgrove received aid from a D.C. housing voucher. 

As an investor, Asamoah has been providing quality Section 8 housing in nice neighborhoods to families like the Musgroves for nearly three decades.

Asamoah was looking for a family to rent the newly renovated home located in the Rosedale neighborhood and came into contact with the Musgroves through a referral from his current tenant.

Keeyonna Musgove and Dr. Joseph Asamoah. (Photo by Brianna Rhodes)

“It has been a blessing to know Ms. Musgrove and her family,” Asamoah said. “I’ve been to her home and she keeps the house in immaculate condition and I truly believe that she’s going to take care of this house.”

“I truly believe that she’s going to seize the opportunity and be a part of this wonderful community,” he added.

Asamoah describes Musgrove’s story as hardwork and perseverance. She  admits that she waited for the opportunity for a long time and she is “deeply appreciative.” 

“Despite a lot of obstacles that came my way, trust me, it was a whole lot,” Musgrove said. “But through it all, I preserved. I stayed strong. I remained patient. I fought a good fight.”

“it wasn’t always easy, but when your heart is in the right place, it comes out in your favor all the time, and it’s only God I give praise,” she added.

Musgrove was born and raised in the Northeast area and she also said that she’s happy to return and be a part of the community. 

Her mother, Shirell Musgrove, said she believes her daughter moving into her new home will change her life because she will be living in a better neighborhood and it will provide more room for the kids.

Through his educational programs, Asamoah trains other investors and landlords about voucher-supported housing to help low-income families and also fulfill his mission to help preserve the diversity in neighborhoods. 

The real estate investor hopes that the celebration for Musgrove will serve as an inspiration for others to replicate what they are doing so that more families in need can be provided quality, affordable housing.

“My purpose really is to buy more houses, but also to help other people do what I do,” Asamoah said. “I can teach and train other people because I can’t meet the need . I hope to encourage other people so they can also do what I’m doing.”