According to Pew Research Center statistics, 83%of Black Americans identify as Christians and claim to believe in God unequivocally. (Courtesy of Samuel Martins/Unsplash)

By Marnita Coleman
Special to the AFRO

Americans are setting their course towards a healthier lifestyle, mind, body and soul. It is not a fad or trending topic, here today and gone tomorrow; Statistics indicate a steady incline in one’s search for meaning and purpose in life. The quest goes beyond the physical realm to seek a meaningful connection with a higher power. 

Aisha Ghani, Professor of Anthropology said, “Spirituality can be anything from a religious belief in God to a half an hour of meditation or yoga. Even listening to a song can be meditative. I am also a religious believer in a religious tradition, I’m Muslim. I think the deepest aspect of my spirituality that comes from a religious source is faith in God and learning to let go, which having faith in God for me is an act of submitting to the will of something higher and that’s a part of my every day.”

The topic of spirituality is embraced by many and widely discussed. Spirituality is becoming an essential part of daily life. People access the realm of spirituality through religion, meditation, yoga and introspection. A Pew Research Center report stated that more than one-fourth of Americans consider themselves to be spiritual but not religious. 

Even when folks do not see themselves as spiritual, their words locate them in patterns of spirituality. “I am not very spiritual,” laughed Kevin Henson, 23. “I am still very lost on how we all got here. I feel like we were all put on earth for a reason and we are here to serve a purpose. Life is like a game, really. I feel like everything you do will come back to you, like karma.”

Spirituality is an anchor to the soul, mind and emotions. It is a means of bringing balance to a life that is easily overloaded with stressors. Through meditation, the mind is tamed, bombardment of thoughts harnessed, and anxiety cast out. Mental space becomes free and allows inner peace, tranquility and joy to flow. 

“Spirituality is very important to me because life nowadays is hard for young people. But, God is keeping me with certain things, keeping me out of the streets and keeping me with my head on straight. He brings me peace and joy, that’s something I’ve been looking for a long time,” said  Kaylen, 16, of Northwest Baltimore. 

Again, Pew Research Center statistics say 83%of Black Americans identify as Christians and claim to believe in God unequivocally. As such, Christians imitate Jesus’ precepts by loving one another and living in concert with the bible. 

All in all, spiritual people stay the course of their believed purpose in life and don’t faint because of opposition. Spiritual people have higher self-esteem because their identity comes from a higher power; Spiritual people practice gratitude which keeps them humble; Spiritual people flourish in areas of their lives due to their values and integrity; Spiritual people have positive relationships and hold themselves to a standard of honoring others; Spiritual people are generous and delighted in giving to others; Spiritual people are compassionate and cultivate a heart of empathy that is without judgment or ridicule; Spiritual people exude a lively energy and excitement; Spiritual people are genuinely happy; Spiritual people have grit.

The practice of spirituality in an individual’s life is vitally important. It is the GPS to a wholesome, fulfilling, harmonious life, that is less reactive and more responsive. 

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