By Hamzat Sani, Special to the AFRO

When police officers in the line of duty were targeted by lone wolf terrorists in cities like Dallas and New York City, the country shook. Many pointed to the Black Lives Matter movement as the instigators for such act while others insisted on the country examining the relationship between gun ownership and domestic terrorism.

“SPOOK” is a play at the Capital Fringe Theatre Festival takes a look into the mind of a domestic terrorist awaiting execution for the killing of five police officers. It just so happens that this lone shooter is himself a police officer breaking the code of those serving in blue in pursuit of racial retaliation.

Actor Meshaun Labrone, stars as the title character in ‘SPOOK’ featured in the Capital Fringe Festival“. (Courtesy Photo)

Convicted murderer Daryl “SPOOK” Spokane is set to be executed on live television and has seemingly been given the platform to speak on wearing the Badge while Black, Patriotism and his choice to target and murder five fellow officers AKA BDTs (Blue Domestic Terrorists). The play is set an hour before SPOOK is to be put to death and will mark the first time he has spoken three years after the shooting.

Handling the direction and acting of a play with such loaded subject matter is veteran stage professional Meshaun Labrone. Labrone is uniquely suited for the portrayal of this one man show because he himself is a former police officer and corrections officer.

The actor follows his successful staging of the play “POWER!” STOKELY CARMICHAEL at the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History & Culture’s Oprah Winfrey Theatre.

The 75 minute play premieres at Arena Stage as part of the Capital Fringe Theatre Festival and premiered on July 13. For more information go to