[Atlanta, Georgia – November 24, 2021] – The following is a statement from Bishop Reginald T. Jackson, the Presiding Prelate of the Sixth Episcopal District, regarding the Ahmaud Arbery Decision. The Sixth Episcopal District of the African Methodist Episcopal Church (AME) comprises 534 churches within the State of Georgia, totaling over 90,000 parishioners:

“During a time in our country’s history where equity and injustice remain the central issue for the African American community, we are relieved and thankful for today’s decision by the Brunswick jury.

“This jury showed that Justice can still prevail in our great Democracy and that facts matter.

“Even in the haze of the defense’s lies and fabrications, there are key facts we now know to be true –

“First and foremost, if it was not for the faithful and determined efforts of the Arbery family, this day would have never come. Each of us are in debt to them and grateful for their strength, determination, and faith. Mr. Arbery has become a part of all of our families and we will never forget that he was, and will always be, the true victim in this case.

“The second is that today is a day of needed accountability for three criminals who have shown little respect for the rule of law.

“Third, this jury needs to be commended for faithfully bringing justice to our State and confirming for all of us that black lives do matter.

“Today, we focus and unite in prayer for the Arbery family and hope this decision brings not only thanks, but begins providing some needed peace to the terrible events they have been forced to suffer through during the last number of months.

“And tomorrow, when a new day begins, let us see it as an opportunity to build a better future, where these racist attacks cease. Hopefully, as many of us come together with family and friends for Thanksgiving, each of us will commit to working together as brothers and sisters to fight for a stronger Georgia and America, where accountability and justice will always prevail.”

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