According to a new study released by the Alzheimer’ Association, African Americans and Hispanics are at a higher risk for developing Alzheimer’s disease. However, African Americans are more likely to develop the crippling form of dementia than any other race.

According to the report, older Black Americans are nearly twice as likely to acquire Alzheimer’s than Whites in the same age group. Hispanics are roughly 1.5 times more likely than Whites to develop the disease, the study found.

However, study leaders were unable to determine why the disease has such devastating effects on people of color. The report said existing conditions like hypertension and diabetes, which are also more common in Black and Hispanic communities, may contribute to the prevalence and severity of Alzheimer’s in these groups.

“Likewise, lower levels of education and other socio-economic characteristics that are associated with increased risk for Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias are more common in older African Americans and Hispanics than in older whites,” the report added.