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On any given weeknight, Khalil Lee is likely to be dancing around the house with his mother, Kisha. From two-stepping to Motown hits, and doing “the dougie” to rapping with Fetty Wap, the Flint Hill School senior knows how to have fun.

Lee’s fun-loving personality follows him on to the field as well—according to the 17-year-old, baseball games should be enjoyable.

“I like to make the game fun. I might even tell a couple jokes on the baseball field, just to keep everything light,” said Lee, a Centreville, Va. native. “I don’t want to be stern the whole time. I think I’m really composed and calm during the games.”

His confidence and poise on the field can be credited to his outlook on practice. Lee, who grew up playing youth sports with his sister, Hana, places heavy emphasis on following a routine over and over again, to the point where it almost becomes second nature. His perfectionist mindset dates back to his toddler years, when Lee would spend hours in the front yard, hitting pitches thrown by his father, Robert.

“It was fun, but I was like, ‘man, this boy can really hit the ball. He’s got good hand eye coordination at such a young age,’” said the elder Lee.

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The 5-foot, 11-inch centerfielder also serves as a left-handed pitcher for Flint Hill under head coach Tom Verbanic, clocking in at more than 90 mph. Although he’s known for his easygoing attitude, when he’s at the plate, a more aggressive side of Lee is revealed. Just ten games into the spring 2016 season, his keen batting eye and superior speed propelled him to the forefront of high school players to watch in the Washington metropolitan area. In fact, Lee currently leads his peers with five home runs, and has 23 runs, good for second place.

After a strong showing last fall, winning the World Wood Bat Association World Championship as a member of the Evoshield Canes, Lee established himself as a force to be reckoned with heading into this season. He was named a 2016 Rawlings-Perfect Game Preseason All-American and 2016 Louisville Slugger Preseason High School All-American.

Committed to Liberty University, Lee has his sights set on becoming a professional baseball player. However, his backup plan speaks volumes to his eagerness to confront challenges, both on and off the field.

“I’d be an electrical engineer, because I really enjoy math and science. In math, it’s just like on the baseball field. There’s always a problem that really challenges you,” said Lee. “I like challenges, and it’s been pretty good for me to learn how to figure out problems using critical thinking.”

Despite being a top high school prospect, Lee hasn’t let the pressure get to his head. In fact, his recent success can partly be credited to his tendency to welcome a challenge with a smile.

“My ideal game situation would be bases loaded, bottom of the seventh inning, 3-2 count and we’re down by at least one or two runs. I’m up at the plate, and that’s when the most pressure is on,” said Lee. “You either get out or you hit the game-winning hit. Either way, whatever happens is on you.”