Todd Bozeman has been reinstated as head coach of the Morgan State University men’s basketball team, according to reports.

Bozeman, 48, had been placed on paid leave for nearly two weeks stemming from an alleged physical altercation with one of his players during the final moments of a game on Jan. 7 against South Carolina State.

According to the Associated Press, South Carolina State University President George E. Cooper had claimed he witnessed Bozeman strike junior Larry Bastfield. But the player and his teammates said the coach didn’t intentionally hit him and any possible contact made was purely incidental.

“I’m glad he’s back,” Bastfield told “The whole thing was an accident. I knew he’d be back.”

Bastfield explained how the incident occurred. “I was walking to the huddle, and he tried to get my attention,” Bastfield said. “When I turned my head, he got me in the chest — but it wasn’t intentional. The whole thing was incidental.”

Bozeman told “I’m just happy to be back with my team.” He told ESPN’s Andy Katz he didn’t know he was back until Thursday Jan. 19 when he was told to return to practice the next day.

“I was told to report back to work tomorrow morning,” Bozeman said, according to “I’m looking forward to getting back to the team and practice.”

The Bears had gone 1-2 during their three games played without Bozeman. He’ll coach their next game scheduled against North Carolina A&T on Jan. 21.