By: Dr. John E. Warren, Publisher,
San Diego Voice & Viewpoint Newspaper

This week, most of us continue to observe a tradition which started back in 1621, when the Indians and the Pilgrims shared their first Harvest meal. This was indeed a time of real thanks considering the harshness of the newcomer’s lives in an environment they were not really prepared for.

For too many today, the experience is just as real to the homeless we politely call the “unsheltered”; to the hungry who we say are experiencing “food insecurity”; and to those who just barely have some shelter and some food, but not enough to move, out of lack and want.

While the Indians came to the rescue of the Pilgrims, so many of us today have the ability to rescue more of those among us and fail to do so. This is another appeal to put aside Black Friday and the unnecessary food purchases unless we are inviting folks to dinner who otherwise would have to wait in a line at one of the free holiday meal sites.

During this season of Thanksgiving, let us return to real thanks for not only what we have, but what we can do for others if we just choose to do so. Let us remember that not everyone needs a turkey plate. Some need a hospital or nursing home visit. Some just need a kind word spoken in friendship, others just a hug. When we stop to give real thanks and become aware of what we have, then we can see the needs of others and perhaps give a little of that real thanks in appreciating the opportunity to do something for someone else. If you are already doing all of this, then pass it on and help someone else catch up.

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