The First 60 Years: The History of Afro-American Musical Theater And Entertainment 1865-1930.

Title: “The First 60 Years: The History of Afro-American Musical Theater And Entertainment 1865-1930”

Author: Ronald Smokey Stevens

Ronald Smokey Stevens has grown to become an author-filmmaker-and producer.

He began his career professionally as an actor singer-dancer with The DC Black Repertory Co. Broadway credits include “Bubbling Brown Sugar”, “Inacent Black”, “DreamGirls” and his production, “Rollin on the Toba.”

His most recent production, a one-man show entitled “I Just Want to Tell Somebody,” based on his autobiography of the same title.

Film credits include “Times Square”, “The Cotton Club” and “TheWiz” in which he was one of the crows along with Michael Jackson.

He recently filmed his documentary “Preserving LeDroit Park” and is currently shooting a television pilot.

What was the impetus for writing this book?

I wrote it at the time of my production, “Rolling on the Toba: A Tribute to the Last Days of Black Vaudeville” on Broadway.

What surprised you about the development of the book?

It was my discovery that this year is the 100th anniversary of the creation of Black Vaudeville which originated in Wash. D.C. with Sherman H. Dudley and his “Dudley Vaudeville Circuit” in 1914

For what audience is this book written?

This book is targeted to anyone that appreciates entertainment history, Black history, and American history on a whole. It is also targeted to all creative artists participating in the entertainment industry. It is also targeted to educators and institutions of higher

What do you want the readers to remember?

The one thing I want the reader to never forget is his or her history, and to realize that Black history is American history.

Any advice for aspiring writers?

Write about the things that you are passionate about, and that interest you the most.

What’s next for you?

My immediate plans are to finish producing the pilot I’ve been developing for national television

What other books have you written?

I’m also the author of my autobiography, “I Just Want to Tell Somebody.”