By Rev. Dorothy S. Boulware, Special to the AFRO

I love the landmarks. I love the white marble steps, although I didn’t always. I love the chicken boxes. I pass on the half and half but I love the concept. I love the people and especially the people who do their best every day to make Baltimore a pretty special city.

That’s why, to mark its 127th anniversary, the AFRO is publishing a book entitled, “The Thing I Love About Baltimore,” a compilation of chapters by Baltimoreans you may know. Activists. Community leaders. Faith leaders. Singles. Couples. Students. Maybe even yourself.

The book can be pre-ordered now on PayPal,, or by inquiring at, and will be available August 1.

Tell a friend. Tell everybody. Baltimore is our city and we love it. Negativity might surface to the top of media coverage, but we know there’s more to Baltimore than what reaches daily news reports. We love Baltimore and there’s no better time than the present to let the whole world know.