“BALTIMORE SPEAKS” is a series branching from the AFRO’s goal of engaging residents in
the storytelling of their own communities. To continue providing hyper local accounts to readers, the AFRO has taken to the streets and reached back into neighborhoods to offer residents an opportunity to share their experiences, stories, passions and opinions. Through interviews and submissions the AFRO is amplifying voices from all over Baltimore and encouraging residents to “Speak.”

“I love Baltimore because it is my story. I lived in an alley street where families played block games and taught us rules for living. I love the people of Baltimore. My schools were #115 to Booker T. Washington to Frederick Douglass High School. And then on to Coppin. I belonged to St. Matthews on 23rd Street. Much has changed, but I loved it then and I love it now.”

Amy A. Dunlap

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“What I love about Baltimore is knowing where I stand in black spaces. There is very little pretense – as a white woman I’m either welcomed, ignored, schooled or given a chance to show up, shut up and learn until it is time for my welcoming.”

Linda Keely
Human Services Transformation

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“I love the fact that neighbors of the Matthew A. Henson Neighborhood Association of the Easterwood Community created the ‘McKean Miracle.’

The Easterwood/Sandtown Park and Playground is what I truly love.  For our children we have transformed, cleared and landscaped the 1500 block of N. McKean, between Baker and Presstman streets, with walkways with cherry blossomed trees, five picnic tables, a stage for outdoor concerts, a Little Free Library for free books for children, a swing set, two stationary grills, an impressive rose bed, and a sidewalk with eight newly planted trees and four outdoor chess tables.

Dr. Marvin L. ‘Doc’ Cheatham Sr.

Thanks to the neighbors’ vision and Gov. Hogan and Lt. Gov. Rutherford for the C.O.R.E. project that brought this McKean Miracle from dream to reality.”

Dr. Marvin L. ‘Doc’ Cheatham Sr.
President – Matthew A. Henson Neighborhood Association