What started out as a hobby to entertain friends and family with self-made short movies has turned into a full-time business for sisters Saba, 13; Keita, 17 and Tajiya, 21.  The Charlotte, N.C. natives have crafted everything on their animation projects from character drawings, scriptwriting, music scoring, designing the DVD menus, cover artwork, as well as producing and directing each project as a team. The sisters recently formed EYI Publications Co., which stands for Entrepreneurs of Youth and Integrity. The animation company intends to provide quality entertainment for an audience that is ready for innovative books, feature films and TV programs. The sisters have just released the feature length animated film Kwanzaa at My House, which tells the story of two kids celebrating and understanding Kwanzaa.

They also have two other animated series completed called “Mission Possible” about a teen who overcomes life’s obstacles and “The Organic Four” which tells the story of children who find their purpose by learning responsibility and respect for themselves and the planet.

Indie filmmaker Tim Greene of Tim Greene Films lauded the young sisters’ accomplishments. “I have never seen anyone their age with so much talent in animation; these very talented young ladies will go a long way in the business,” said Greene in a statement.

The filmmakers plan to go on a promotional tour in 2011 and have their film projects screened at film festivals worldwide.

For more information on the sisters and their work, visit www.eyepublications.com.