Knijah Amore Bibb3

3-year-old Knijah Amore Bibb.

Resplendent in a white dress and adorned in a silver white band around her head, the three-year-old girl shot to death in Landover, Md. earlier this month was mourned at a Northeast D.C. church on Aug. 20.

Knijah Amore Bibb was an unintended victim of gunfire between two men outside the home at which she was visiting, according to D.C. news station WJLA.  Davon Antwan Wallace,25, who allegedly fired the fatal shot, remains at large.

Bibb was remembered by family, friends and others who loved and cherished her deeply. The looks of solitude and sadness and tears silently flowing, showed the emotion of the crowd as hundreds attended the services in her honor.

‍Knijah bibb4

3-year-old Knijah Amore Bibb.

“She was a sacrifice like Trayvon, Medgar, Martin Luther King and Michael Brown,” one of the pastors who gave the service proclaimed. “Her three years represented one year for the Father, one for the Son, and one for the Holy Ghost.”

Another pastor added, “He (God) allowed us to have her, her life was not in vain, her death was not in vain, her mission was to be happy. The mission was fulfilled. It’s a wake-up call; her death signified that a change is needed. Three 3-year-olds have died recently, something is wrong with this picture. This service is not for her but for us.”

Knijah was enrolled at the CentroNia Bilingual Public Charter School in Northwest D.C. and was bilingual. Several members from the school came to say their goodbyes.

“She had two brothers, one in the fifth grade, the other in the second,” one of them said. “She was a beautiful little girl. I will miss her.”