Travis founder of Travis Winkey Studio

Travis Winkey, founder of Travis Winkey Studio, will host the American Designer Agencies and Models (A.D.A.M.) Competition, Oct. 11, at the Pikesville Hilton Hotel in Baltimore. The competition, also co-hosted by the world renown super model Beverly Johnson, showcases local to national models and introduces a new size category ‘Women with Curves,’ to highlight models of a nontraditional size. The A.D.A.M. Competition offers up and coming or seasoned models the opportunity to display their modeling talent on the runway.

The A.D.A.M. Competition is the premier event sponsored by CAAD (Council for African American Designers), a membership association made up of models, designers, and other fashion industry professionals in the U.S. CAAD was launched in Baltimore, in 2002, the result of work originating in 1980 by Willie Smith and the Paris/Africa tour featuring Patrick Kelly’s collection in 1985. It’s currently the world’s oldest, and largest, organization exclusively for African American designers founded by legendary fashion guru, and choreographer, Winkey.


Dubbed the “prince of fashion” by former heavyweight champion, Muhammad Ali stated, “We’re excited about introducing a new category of models, in the 14-18 Women’s dress size range, to expand upon a genre of talent who possess a more accentuated physique, seen among today’s women. Mainstream runways inclusive of more svelte or slender models typically presents barriers to this model type, and the criteria needed for them to compete as full-figured excludes them as well, but we are excited to embrace this new group of talented models.”

The all day event showcases several male and female models in separate competitions. More details along with sponsorship opportunities, event tickets, agenda and special activities are available at http://www.adamcompetition.com. Travis Winkey, with industry expertise in promotions, production, design, publishing, consulting, directing, and community activism shared that this event will be expanded in the future to include a Design competition as well.