Officers from the Baltimore Police Special Enforcement Section arrested and charged two suspects May 21 with multiple weapons and narcotics violations after a cache of weapons, suspected marijuana and almost $20,000 in cash were found in their home, official said in a statement of probable cause in the case.

The suspects were identified as Francisco Milos and Lynnie Lewis, both 29. They were taken into custody after a search and seizure warrant was executed at their home in the 100 block of N. Kenwood Ave., according to the statement.

According to police, the items seized included three handguns, three rifles and one shotgun; among the weapons were two AK-47 assault rifles, an AR-15 style assault rifle and more than 7,500 rounds of ammunition for the various weapons. Also seized were two bullet proof vests, 504 grams of suspected marijuana and about $20,000 in cash.

The warrant was served about 9 p.m. Officers found Milos at home. The warrant was requested after undercover officers purchased suspected marijuana from the home. The SWAT team was assigned to the search because officers had received information that Milos allegedly possessed weapons and may have “displayed and threatened people” with them, the document said.

Milos let the officers in and, after his Miranda rights were read to him, talked to the officers without a lawyer, the document said.

“Milos stated that all the drugs in the house belonged to him,” it said. “Milos also stated that the guns in the house belong to him…Milos stated that he had the large amount of weapons because he was preparing for the war.”

When asked who would be fighting the war, he did not respond, officers wrote.
The searchers included the police dog, Harry. The officers found the cash in a safe after Milos told a sergeant how to open it, an officer wrote.

Milos, was charged with possessing a bullet proof vest along with multiple weapons and narcotics violations. Lewis was charged with multiple narcotics violations. She was allegedly at work until Milos instructed police where she was. She returned home to be arrested, the document showed.

Milos is being held without bail at the Baltimore City Central Booking and Intake Facility. Lewis is being held on a $50,000 bail, police said.